Key Steps In Water Damage Restoration

15 September 2015
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Wondering what a water restoration tech does when he or she is in your home? If you need to call one of these professional shops, or you're researching their services, read on to discover some of the critical steps in the water damage restoration process. Documenting Damage Before anything else is done, the problem has to be assessed and documented. Techs may work quickly to get on to the next step and actually remove the water, but they will need certain things in place so that work will progress smoothly later on. Read More 

About The Benefits Of Professional Carpet Cleaning

11 September 2015
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Do you usually remove carpet stains by scrubbing them with a brush or towel? It is in your best interest to get help from a professional if you want you want the carpet to remain in good shape for a long time. Find out below why spending money on hiring a professional to clean your carpet is a good idea, as well as what his or her services might cost. Read More 

Got Carpet Stains? Different Carpet Cleaning Methods For Different Stains

1 September 2015
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If you have children or animals in your home, you likely deal with carpet stains on a constant basis. For this reason, you should understand the different carpet cleaning methods you can use for different types of stains. This will allow you to be armed and ready the next time a stain comes along. Red Punch Red punch has a red dye in it that may seem impossible to get out. Read More 

Understanding The Dangers Of Mold

26 August 2015
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If you have mold in your house, then you might have a much more serious problem than you imagine. What is mold? If you have mold in your home, then you are actually hosting a fungal colony. Fungi share some attributes with animals and plants, but they also have unique qualities. Like animals, fungi eat other organisms. Generally, this means breaking down and consuming decaying organic material, as a scavenger might do. Read More 

Pressure Washer Components | A Simple Guide For New Business Users

24 August 2015
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When you are in the commercial cleaning business, one of the most prized tools that you will have is easily the industrial pressure washer. Without this one piece of equipment, there are many jobs that would be pretty much impossible to achieve. If you want to know how to maintain your industrial pressure washer over time, it is all about getting to know its various components and what they are designed to do. Read More