Pressure Washer Components | A Simple Guide For New Business Users

24 August 2015
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When you are in the commercial cleaning business, one of the most prized tools that you will have is easily the industrial pressure washer. Without this one piece of equipment, there are many jobs that would be pretty much impossible to achieve. If you want to know how to maintain your industrial pressure washer over time, it is all about getting to know its various components and what they are designed to do. Here is a simple guide of pressure washer parts that you should become familiar with.

Pump Motor - The pump motor is where all of the action takes place with your industrial pressure washer. The pump, either gas or electric powered, supplies air pressure to push the supplied water through the hose at a high rate of speed. If you have problems with the pump motor, you will need to have mechanical attention in order to get your unit working again as it should. 

Main Washer Housing - The main pressure washer housing is the base that holds the motor and other components to make the unit portable. Even though the main housing itself will usually last throughout the lifetime of the pressure washer, the wheels and support brackets do sometimes need attention to keep the unit portable. 

Nozzle Receptor - The nozzle receptor is situated at the end of the handheld spray arm of the pressure washer and receives the different nozzle attachments. Most are designed with threads to allow the attachments to screw on and occasionally, the threads can become damaged. Thankfully, this one simple piece just pops off and is inexpensive to replace. 

Pressure Washer Hose - The hose is one of the most important components of the industrial pressure washer and is made of highly durable urethane-coated rubber. However, you should make sure that after each use, the hose of your pressure washer is thoroughly drained to prevent problems with mold and mildew or freezing during cold temperatures. 

Pressure Washer Nozzle Attachments - Although easily replaced, do not be surprised if you go through several nozzle attachments for your industrial pressure washer over the course of its lifetime. The nozzle attachments are the simple screw-on ends that attach to the end of the spray gun to provide you with different water distribution sizes and shapes. These nozzle attachments will wear out over time and occasionally get lost, so it is a good idea to know where you can get replacements as needed. 

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