A Residential Pressure Washing Company Gets Weeds, Rust, And Dirt Off Of Your Wire Or Chain Link Fence

17 May 2023
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If your wire or chain link fence is in sad shape, it could take a long time to clean it by hand. A common problem with this type of fence is that weeds and vines take over since they can just climb up the metal links. A way to get the weeds out is to pull them out by hand or use weed killer and then pull out the dead weeds.

A weed trimmer usually won't work since the line would wrap around the wires or links. One solution to this problem is to hire a residential pressure washing company to clean your fence. Here's why.

Pressure Washing Rips Off All Plant Growth

The pressure washing company adjusts the pressure so your fence isn't harmed but the weeds and vines are ripped apart. This removes growth at the ground so the weeds are cut close to the ground and removed from the fence at the same time.

The work goes fast, and the wire or chain link fence will be completely free from growth in just a fraction of the time it would take to remove all the growth by hand.

Pressure Washing Also Cleans Away Dirt And Grime

Chain link fences don't always show dirt, but dirt often collects in all the crevices in the fence. Pressure washing is also a good choice if your fence is stained from wild berries growing up the fence, fruit or leaves falling from trees, or bird droppings.

Pressure washing gets rid of all the dirt and stains so your fence can look new again as long as it's in good physical shape too. It's a good idea to wash your fence occasionally so it maintains its good looks.

Pressure Washing Can Take Off Rust

Pressure washing is one of the easiest ways to remove rust. The pressure washing company can use the right pressure and nozzle to create a stream of water that chips away at the rust to eliminate it without using a wire brush.

It's important to remove rust regularly to protect your fence. You'll want to note where the rusty areas were located so you can follow up with priming to keep it from coming back.

When you hire a residential pressure washing company to clean up your old fence, you can feel confident your fence will be unharmed. Pressure washing can be done on wood fences which are a lot softer, so metal surfaces won't have difficulty tolerating pressure washing. However, your contractor takes care not to harm the fence or anyone standing nearby.