Do You Need Your Home's Air Ducts Cleaned?

14 November 2022
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If your house has air ducts, then you need to have them cleaned periodically. If you have a litter box in your basement where your heater is, for example, the odor from a litter box can get into the air ducts because of the air filters in the furnace. The odor can then go through the air ducts in your home and out into the vents where the rest of your home will be affected. This is not ideal in any home and is just one of several reasons you need to get your home's home air duct cleaning needs met.

Do you need to get residential air duct cleaning done? Odds are, this is a service you can benefit from. Here are signs you should have this done in your home.

Your vents stink

Stinky vents can be odorous for several reasons. From the aforementioned issues with litter boxes to smoke in the vents to food particles in vents making them stink, if you can smell the heat or cold air coming through your vents, then you should get your home air duct cleaning done as soon as you can. Few things will affect the comfort of your home more than foul smells.

Your vents are dusty

Dusty air ducts will cause lots of breathing problems for some people in your home, namely the very old or the very young in your house. If you have any asthma-related issues or upper breathing problems, regular residential air duct cleaning will be beneficial in helping to keep everyone comfortable in the house. The air ducts can get clogged with dust, dander, animal hair, pollen, and more. Keep this issue at bay by having your home air duct cleaning done as regularly as you do other cleanings, like shampooing your carpets or cleaning your drapes.

Your vents are older

Have you ever had home air duct cleaning done? If you cannot remember, then you are due for this service. You'll notice immediately the improvement in air quality in your home after having your home's air duct cleaning needs met. Your residential air duct cleaning specialist will give you a quote for this service prior to performing the task so you can have a better idea of what to expect regarding costs.

When you have your home's air duct cleaning needs met, you have a cleaner and more comfortable home. Your home air duct cleaning specialist can give you a recommendation for how often you should have this service done. For more information on home air duct cleaning, contact a professional near you.