Do You Have Water In The Crawl Space? 3 Reasons To Seek Water Damage Restoration

12 October 2022
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Should you take any restorative measures when you notice water in your house's crawl space? Like most homeowners, you probably don't use the space. Unfortunately, leaving water in the crawl space unattended could lead to various adverse consequences. The consequences might not be immediate, but you might slowly start to regret not calling a restoration service at the first sign of water. The following are reasons to call water damage restoration experts when you notice water in your crawl space. 

1. Avoid Expensive Foundation Repairs 

Generally, the water in your crawl space gradually soaks into the walls and floor. The foundation of the house might slowly settle, forming huge cracks. If the ground underneath soaks in too much water, the soil might begin to sink, compromising the integrity of the entire building. 

Unfortunately, foundation repairs are expensive, complicated, and time-consuming. Contractors may need costly equipment and materials to reinforce structural stability. However, you can avoid all these expensive repairs by contacting water damage experts as soon as you notice damp spots or cracks. 

2. Protect Your House's Structure 

When water soaks into the floors and walls of the space, it can slowly move to other sections of the house. Your home's structural wood framing and floors may warp, weaken, and rot. A while back, it was thought that insulating the space with fiberglass batts was a great idea. However, the material traps moisture in the space, slowly increasing humidity. This further accelerates mold growth and rot. Therefore, contact reliable water damage restoration professionals to clean up the mess to protect your home, family, and valuables.

3. Prevent Mold and Rot Issues 

Mold growth and decay go hand in hand due to moisture. Mold spores reproduce rapidly if under the right conditions. A damp crawl space sets the right conditions for the fungi to grow and spread to other parts of the house. 

Mold may make you and your family sick and weaken your home's structure. It could also damage the carpets, furniture, decorations, and other valuable things. You'll have to spend money on mold remediation and house repairs if the problem is left unaddressed. Therefore, consider hiring restoration specialists to help you prevent mold and rot issues that could affect the appearance and structural integrity of your house. Timely intervention will prevent further damage and save your house.

Water damage needs immediate intervention to prevent extensive damage. Therefore, contact water damage restoration professionals to help you clean up the mess, identify the water source, and fix it.