Which Carpet Cleaning Method Is the Best?

14 January 2022
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There are many different carpet cleaning methods out there, all of them with the same purpose of getting your carpet fresh and clean. However, the fact that they have the same purpose doesn't mean that they are equal.  

Typically, the best cleaning method for you will depend on your type of carpet. For example, while most carpets would benefit from the thorough cleaning of the hot water extraction method, it may not be the best for carpets whose fibers are sisal or jute. To learn more, check out the four most popular carpet cleaning methods. 

Dry Carpet Cleaning 

Dry carpet cleaning entails applying powder solutions onto your carpet. The powder works like a sponge by absorbing all dirt; then, after a few minutes, you can vacuum it up, leaving your carpet fresh and clean. 

Dry carpet cleaning works best when you want a quick cleaning process, like in a hotel or office setting, where the carpet needs to be used 24 hours a day. It is also the best for dealing with jute, seagrass, or coir flooring, which are prone to shrinkage, fiber damage, and color loss if exposed to water. 

Foam Encapsulation

In this method, synthetic detergents are distributed across your carpet's surface and then whipped into foam. When the applied foam dries, the loosened dirt particles in your carpet fibers are encapsulated into powder and finally brushed or vacuumed after cleaning. 

This cleaning method has taken over carpet shampooing, as it utilizes less water, which translates into a shorter drying time. It has also received support from advocates of environmentally friendly products since less chemical residue is left behind after cleaning compared to shampooing.  

Bonnet Cleaning 

This method cleans the surface of your carpet using a rotary machine with a brush or spinning pad immersed in a cleaning solution. It is most prevalent in commercial settings, like hotels, where the carpet needs to be cleaned with little water in order to dry quickly. 

Unfortunately, it doesn't clean a carpet deeply, so the dirt ingrained within your carpet fibers may re-emerge after a short period. Some chemical residue can also be left on the carpet as the heavy pressure from the rotary machine pushes applied chemicals deep into the carpet. 

Hot Water Extraction

This carpet cleaning method is the most popular and is also called steam cleaning. During this process, the carpet is first pre-conditioned using a chemical cleaner meant to lift dirt, and any debris stuck in the carpet fibers. Highly pressurized water is then pumped onto the carpet and sucked up by a powerful vacuum after a few minutes. 

Generally, this method is the best for removing ingrained dirt and stubborn stains. It also doesn't leave any odors or residue on your carpet, so it's effective for removing smelly stains. One of the challenges is you might need to wait for a few hours for the carpet to dry.