When To Get New Flooring

26 July 2021
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There are a lot of reasons why you should think about having new flooring installed in your home. Sometimes your reasons for having a new floor put in may be due to your preferences, but other times it may be more of a necessity. Here are some examples of different things that can lead to someone deciding to have a new floor installed in an area of the home.

Someone's allergies are getting worse

If there are one or more people in a household who suffers from allergies, eventually carpeting can become a serious issue. When the carpet is new, they may do well with it. However, as the carpet gets older, it will harbor more allergens. These allergens can include things like pollen, dust, pet dander, and many other things known to trigger allergy episodes. Even regular vacuuming and routine professional carpet cleanings won't be able to remove all of the allergens. If allergies have become a big concern, then removing the carpet and replacing it with hard flooring might be best. 

The acoustics of the home are overwhelming

When you walk into a large and empty space, you will notice how sounds echo and travel further than in furnished or smaller spaces. You don't want to have your house sounding empty like this. However, in some homes, the sounds can be like this when the home is large and it has hard flooring, like tile. You may have the option of putting more furniture than you would like in your home or having a different type of flooring installed. Carpeting can be great for this purpose because it really helps to capture the sound and give the home calmer acoustics. 

There is a baby on the way

If there is a baby on the way and you have hard flooring, then you may be concerned about what's going to happen when the baby is crawling around. Hard flooring can make each fall more serious. Also, hard flooring that tends to be slippery can make it a lot harder for your baby to learn to walk. You can have wood flooring installed if you still like the idea of hard flooring, but you desire something that is still softer to fall on and that isn't as slippery. You can also opt for carpeting that offers a nice cushion for those falls and offers great gripping that will be a lot easier for your baby to learn to walk on.

If it's time to change your floors, reach out to a residential flooring installer