When Should You Hire A Residential Mold Remediation Expert?

11 June 2021
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Mold is something every homeowner should always be on the lookout for. While it is a fungus that plays an important role in the decomposing process, but it can adversely affect human health. If your house becomes infested with mold, it is essential to call in a residential mold remediation professional. Here are the signs you need to do so.

After Purchasing a New Home

A new home is the last place most people expect to find mold. But such cases are not unheard of, which isn't surprising considering that a moist and dark spot is all it takes for mold to grow. Therefore, before purchasing a new home, it's advisable to have a residential mold remediation company examine it. Failure to do so means that you might have to deal with mold issues sooner or later.

High Moisture Content in Your Home

As you are perhaps aware, high moisture offers a favorable environment for mold growth. That's why you should always keep your home's moisture content in check. To that end, you should regularly check for condensation around the windows, particularly during the rainy season. Overlooking this problem means that the water will soak into the nearby wood, and it will not take long before mold starts growing.

Water leaks can also increase the moisture in your living space. Therefore, you should never ignore leaking faucets lest you end up with a mold problem. After having leaking faucets fixed, you need to call in a residential mold remediation expert to assess the moisture content in your living space and begin the drying process.

Increased Allergies

Mold produces spores known to worsen allergies. Therefore, if members of your household have been experiencing allergies lately, mold is likely the root cause of the problem.

The same applies if there has been an increase in respiratory issues among your loved ones. That's because mold spores tend to irritate the respiratory system, something that can worsen asthma symptoms. The compromised air quality can affect your pets as well.

Musty Smell

If there's a musty smell in your living space, there's a likelihood that you have mold in your home. In fact, you are likely to detect the smell before the mold becomes visible. You need to contact a mold specialist if there's a moldy odor to prevent mold from spreading to other parts of your home.

Several signs indicate when to hire a competent residential mold remediation expert. The above are some of the most obvious. If you notice these signs, hire a reliable mold remediation expert for assistance.