Why You Should Maintain A Clean Server Room

8 April 2021
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For a number of businesses, the server room serves as an important environment. Employees and customers alike rely on the performance of this room 24/7/365. The server room needs to remain clean and sanitary in order to function properly and safely. If the server room does not remain clean, dust, dirt, and debris could damage the hardware. Keep reading to learn a handful of reasons why you need to ensure your company's server room stays clean around the clock.

Minimize Downtime

When equipment is not operating efficiently, such as not cooling properly and needing to be replaced, businesses can experience significant delays and downtime. Routine cleaning in the server room can help in removing dust and debris, which can minimize the downtime a business may experience. In addition, it can improve the overall efficiency, performance, and lifecycle of the equipment in the server room.

Keep Out Rodents

While you may not believe it, it is entirely possible for rodents to find their way into your server rooms. With them, they can bring costly damage and lengthy downtime. Rodents can carry harmful bacteria with them that can significantly damage the equipment. With regular cleaning of the server room, germs and bacteria can be removed. In addition, when the server room is regularly inspected and cleaned, you can find rodent problems before they become a significant issue.

Improve the Lifespan of Your Equipment

The equipment within the server room is constantly running, and each machine requires air to cool the internal components. When dust, dirt, and debris are in the air, they will be drawn toward and into the equipment during the cooling process. This accumulated debris can potentially insulate the inside of the machines, reducing the transfer of heat. When server rooms become dirty, the equipment can become clogged and overheat, resulting in costly damage. Luckily, a clean server room can improve the overall performance and lifespan of all server equipment.

Keep Air Filters Clean

Your server room is equipped with an air filtration system, which is designed to filter a variety of contaminants, dust, dirt, and debris from the inside air. Once the filter gets too dirty, it will become clogged and the air conditioning system in the room will start to struggle to properly cool the room. To ensure that the room and servers are cooled efficiently, the air filters need to be changed regularly.

Promote Workplace Safety

Fires in server rooms can result in very expensive damage, such as downtime, equipment loss, and data loss. Lack of cleanliness and operator error tend to be two of the main causes of server room fires. Overheating is another common cause of fires that take place in server rooms. A clean server room can help reduce the risk of fires, helping to promote a safe workplace environment.

As you can see, it is important to maintain a clean server room. For more information, contact janitorial services near you.