Handy Tips To Help You Clean And Organize Your Kitchen

29 January 2021
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If you live alone it can be easy for piles of things to begin stacking up all around, but when you live in a home with more than one person, the clutter can begin to appear and grow even more quickly. Unless you are all on the same page with cleaning and clutter removal, it is going to be difficult to get the spaces organized for the best results. Here are some tips to help you clean and organize your kitchen.

Declutter the Containers

Your kitchen is an important room where you cook and prepare meals and also store food, kitchen tools, and dishes so organization is key. Go through the cupboards where you store plastic storage containers and clean out excess. Plastic bowls with lids may be constantly getting lost and the containers can become stained and melted from too much microwave action.

So, eliminate the bowls and lids that don't have matches or are damaged, then remove more if you cannot fit them into their space. When you remove the bowls and lids from the cupboards, then wipe them down on the inside to remove dust, dirt, hairs, and dried food.

Clear Off the Counter

When there is a variety of items on the counters, it can prevent you from using the space effectively and can make your kitchen look dirty and cluttered. If you have tools and utensils that you keep out on the counters, store any away that you don't use on a daily basis. For the ones you do use on a daily basis, see if you can find space in a cupboard below or above to keep it stored out of the way. If you have utensils that you rarely use or haven't used in over a year, consider donating or giving them away to someone who will. 

Use your kitchen storage cabinets, cupboards, pantry, and drawers to put your items away for good storage use and to help the usage and look of your kitchen.

Clean Out Your Fridge

The inside of your fridge provides you with important space that you use for food storage and preservation. If your fridge interior is unorganized and a mess, you won't be able to use it as efficiently and you will lose food to the back where it will spoil and go to waste. 

Organize your fridge by foods that are of similar type and wipe down surfaces while you do this. For example, keep all the produce in the drawers, bottles of dressing, condiments, and small jars of jelly in the door, your dairy on one shelf, and your leftovers stacked on one shelf. This will help you keep a better handle on what you put into the fridge and how it gets used.

For more information, contact a professional home organizer.