Keep Your Home Organized and Clean After Getting Married

23 July 2020
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Life as newlyweds may have seemed idyllic to you and your spouse when you first came home from your honeymoon, but now that the two of you have been living together for a while, your personal belongings may be getting mixed in with his on occasion and maybe the household chores are sometimes put off, due to needing to work long hours. Married life is not always going to go smoothly, but you can at least get a handle on your home's organization and cleaning needs.

Assign Closets and Drawers and Use a Spare Room

The size of your home and the number of items in it will have a bearing on how difficult it is to keep the living quarters clean. If you are particular about your clothing, heirlooms, and prized possessions that you purchased with your earnings, placing these items in designated areas will ensure that you can keep tabs on everything.

If you have a few closets in your home that are not currently full or that have been assigned for outerwear, cleaning products, and household tools, consider condensing these miscellaneous items, by placing all of them in one closet. The closets that you empty during this time can be utilized for you and your spouse's respective items. Clean out each closet in entirety, before hanging up clothing or stacking items on the floor.

If you have an extra dresser in your bedroom or a spare room in your home that will one day be used as a nursery or a home office, temporarily use the dresser and the room for additional items that are cluttering up your bedroom. Once everything is in an assigned area, tackle cleaning your bedroom in entirety. Shampoo the carpet, place dirty clothing in a hamper, change the bedding, and wash the curtains.

Pick Tasks and Hire Help

You and your spouse may not feel like taking on a lot of cleaning tasks at the end of the day, but if the two of you work together, you can get the job done in record speed. Take the time to write down tasks on slips of paper and place all of the slips in a bowl. Take turns selecting slips, until all of the tasks have been claimed.

Race your spouse to try to complete your cleaning assignments in the shortest amount of time possible. Whoever is speedier can be rewarded with a massage, a special dessert, or another impromptu prize. On special occasions, hire a house cleaning crew to aid you in restoring your home's cleanliness. Reserve this treat for times when you and your spouse have some extra funds that aren't needed for household bills.