Simple Solutions For Cleaning Your Curtains

17 July 2019
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Mopping floors, shining countertops, and even washing windows are all tasks you may complete when you want to clean your home. However, other areas should also be a priority if you want your home to be both clean and appealing. The curtains, for example, are often overlooked by homeowners even though they are not as challenging to clean as some may think. With these tips, you will learn a few simple solutions for thorough curtain cleaning.


While surprising to learn, your ordinary vacuum can be used to clean your curtains. Of course, make sure you are using a vacuum attachment with a handheld attachment or a handheld vacuum that can be lifted and moved easily across your drapes.

In many cases, you can leave the curtains hanging on their rods when vacuuming. Place the vacuum attachment at the top of the curtain, moving it all the way down to the bottom. Then, start back at the top and move down again until you have vacuumed the entire front and back of the curtain.

If preferred, you can also remove the curtain from the rod and lay it flat on a table or the floor. Use your hands to hold the curtain's fabric in place while you vacuum away dirt, dust, and hair particles from the curtain.

Dry Clean

Another option to consider is taking your curtains to your local dry cleaners. While this may be an extra expense, dry cleaning your curtains will be a smart investment to not only ensure they are clean, but also pressed and ready to hang.

Dry cleaners use steam to deep clean the curtains without the risk of damaging the fabric. The curtains will be free of dirt and dust, sanitized, and deodorized. Once dry cleaned and pressed, you will be able to hang your curtains back up without any debris or wrinkles.


Finally, many people choose to wash their curtains in their washing machine or sink. It is important to remember that some fabrics are too delicate to place in a washing machine cycle, so silk, lace, and chiffon, for example, may need to be washed by hand.

Read the label on your curtains, which may be attached to the top corner of the fabric. This will give you the best instructions on how to clean and care for the fabric without the risk of damage.

With the right understanding, you can clean and care for your curtains with ease. This guide will help you get started ensuring your curtains are clean and appealing