Tips for Purchasing Janitorial Equipment

30 January 2017
 Categories: Business, Blog


If you have spent numerous years working as a janitor under the payroll of an employer, branching out and starting your own business is a good idea. You will then have the ability to set your own schedule and amount of money that you are willing to work for. Hiring your own employees is another way to go about running a janitorial service. Take a look at this article to learn about some of the most important equipment types that you should invest in for your business. 

1. A Floor Machine to Provide Buffering Services

When you are cleaning commercial buildings, it is important to make the floors appealing to the owner's customers. For instance, you don't want to clean the floors and leave the tiles with a dull appearance. You are likely to get more contracts if you get into the habit of shining dull floors. To handle such a task, you should invest in a floor machine that can buffer the dullness away.

2. Utility Carts for Transporting Supplies Around Buildings

One of the most convenient types of equipment that you can invest in for a janitorial service is a utility cart. If you intend on hiring employees, make sure that you purchase more than one cart. The utility carts are necessary because they allow you to transport supplies into different rooms without having to go back and forth to retrieve them. You will be able to put brooms, mops, and various other cleaning supplies on the carts.

3. A High Quality Dryer for Servicing Wet Floors

You must keep the safety of other people in mind when you are providing janitorial services. For instance, if someone hires you to clean their building during business hours, there will likely be people walking around after you are done mopping floors. It is important to make sure the floors dry fast. Invest in a high quality dryer to decrease the risk of someone slipping on a wet floor.

4. Sweeping Equipment for Indoor and Outdoor Use

Keep in mind that you might be hired for sweeping the interior and exterior of buildings. Commercial sweeping equipment is the best way to handle such a task. Many of the sweepers operate via a rechargeable battery and are very powerful tools for removing trash, dirt, and other types of debris. Commercial sweepers are ideal for preventing your customer's floors and pavements from getting scratched as they are being cleaned.

If you have questions about the above equipment, talk to a supply company like Mailender.