How To Remove Mold From Grout

20 August 2015
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Mold is attracted to areas of moisture, so it makes sense that it occurs frequently in the bathroom. Even if the bathrooms are cleaned regularly, it can grow in the grout of your bathtub or shower, as this area is not always cleaned thoroughly. If you believe you have mold growing on the grout, follow these instructions for removing it.

Wear Protection

Mold is potentially dangerous to you, so you should never be around it or touch it without protecting yourself. Protect your hands by wearing a pair of rubber gloves when cleaning it. Also have long pants and long sleeves on so you don't accidentally come into contact with the mold. Inhaling mold particles can also be dangerous, so wear a respirator mask that covers your mouth and nose.

Make a Bleach Cleaning Mixture

When you are attempting to remove mold or mildew, bleach is always a good choice. This cleaning ingredient is strong enough to remove all traces of mold and disinfect the area. With your gloves on, make a bleach cleaning mixture by combining bleach and warm water in a bucket. Carefully add some of the mixture to a spray bottle with a funnel. You can also mix a smaller amount right in the spray bottle directly, but be careful pouring in the bleach. 

Spray the Grout

Spray the bleach mixture very generously over the areas of mold you see and the nearby grout areas. It is possible the mold has started growing on the tiles and grout nearby, even though it isn't obvious. Let the spray sit on the grout for a few minutes, then use a scrub brush to start scrubbing at the mold. It is best to use a disposable scrub brush that can be thrown away when you're done. Continue in this manner, spraying and scrubbing the grout to remove the traces of mold. For small areas of grout, an old toothbrush works great. When you believe it is clean, rinse the area with cool water to be sure all signs of mold are gone. 

Add Vinegar

This step is optional, but highly recommended. Soak some paper towels in apple cider vinegar and stick it to the grout you just cleaned. They should have no problems sticking to the grout. Let the vinegar soak through the grout for a few hours, then remove them and wipe away the grout and rinse it one more time. The vinegar helps to further disinfect the area and get any mold you missed

To avoid further mold growth, you can a hire a cleaning service like, A-1 Maid Service Inc, to regularly clean your home and prevent mold spores from developing.