3 Tips To Help Keep Your Home Organized And Clean

14 August 2015
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If you have your family's home professionally cleaned each month, practice some tips to keep each room organized after the professional company has completed their cleaning duties. After utilizing these ideas on a regular basis, your home will stay clean for a longer amount of time and you won't be as likely to lose important items.

Use A Basket To Transport Items To Other Rooms

Designate a basket to be used as a storage area for items that belong in other parts of the house. Place the basket in one of the central rooms in your home that is easy to access. After the basket is filled up, place the items in their appropriate places. Assign a different member of your family to empty the basket every few days. Using this method will prevent rooms from becoming cluttered and will help reinforce the importance of placing each item in a specific area so that it is readily available when somebody would like to use it.

Purchase Storage Bins On Wheels

Purchase storage bins on wheels to place small items inside of. Many storage bins are made out of sturdy plastic that is easy to clean. After the bins are filled, they can be moved to different sections of each room with ease. Use a bin in the bathroom to store hair accessories, cosmetics, and toiletries. Use a bin in bedrooms to store books, papers, mail, and bed clothes. Storage bins will prevent you and your family members from losing small items and will decrease the amount of items that need to be picked up on a regular basis.

Schedule Light Cleaning Activities Each Week

Use a piece of poster board or card stock to create a schedule of cleaning activities that need to be completed each week. Assign one person to take out the trash and instruct another one to wash and dry clothing or place dishes inside of the dishwasher. Switch the schedule often so that one person isn't stuck doing the same activity over and over. Completing small cleaning tasks on a regular basis will keep rooms sanitized and orderly in between professional cleaning appointments.

By practicing each of these tips, your home will remain clean and you or a family member will not be as likely to lose an important item. As you and your family members get used to using each method, tidying up can be completed quickly. If you don't have the time or manpower to do the cleaning yourself, consider hiring a maid service.