3 Things You Should Be Cleaning Regularly To Prevent A Food Odor In Your Restaurant Dining Room

8 August 2015
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You want your customers to be excited about the food smell in your restaurant, not for them to feel that the odor is unpleasant. Unfortunately, no matter how good your restaurant's food is, there is a chance that the lingering food odors in your dining room aren't as pleasant as you would like for them to be. It's certainly normal for restaurant dining rooms to pick up not-so-appealing, lingering odors, but following these tips can help you combat this problem.

1. Menus

One thing that you might not think about cleaning often is your stack of menus. However, as people touch menus with their greasy fingers and food-covered hands, your menus can hold these smells. Make it a point to wipe down your menus on a daily basis with a slightly damp rag. Then, your menus will stay fresher and will smell better, and you won't have to worry about customers being turned off by gross fingerprints and icky food spills.

2. Carpet

Carpet can seem like a good option in any restaurant, since it provides cushion for your feet and can soak up spills to make dining areas less dangerous for both employees and customers. However, it can really soak up food odors and can make a for a rather disgusting-smelling dining area. This means that sweeping and vacuuming your carpet is not enough -- you will also need to hire a commercial carpet cleaning company regularly to come out and clean your carpet for you. This will help get rid of any food or beverage remnants that might be causing an odor in your dining room and can also help keep your commercial carpet looking and smelling fresh and new for a long time to come.

3. Linens

Obviously, you probably wash your restaurant's linen napkins regularly. However, every type of linen that is in use in your restaurant should be cleaned on a regular basis, including your curtains and your floor rugs. These things can really soak up the odors of old food in your restaurant and can be less than pleasant to be around. If you have all of your linens cleaned on a regular basis, however, you can keep odors down and can keep all of your linens in good shape.

Restaurant dining rooms can be home to some pretty gross food odors. To prevent these odors from bothering your customers, make sure that you clean all three of these things regularly.