Staying Healthy With Clean Carpets

4 August 2015
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Carpeted floors provide a cozy and warm feeling for your home, but carpets must be kept fresh and clean for optimum health for you and your family. Most carpet manufactures require a professional cleaning every so often just to maintain the warranty. Even without such requirements, your carpets hold too many hidden pollutants to allow them to stay dirty. Read on to find out how clean carpets in your home can help make your home healthier.

Pollutants In Your Home

Your carpet could hold not only everyday dirt and dust, but other dangerous and invisible irritants, such as bug parts, pet dander and even lead. Regular vacuuming can get rid of the surface grime, but it can also add to the problem by stirring up the irritants and allowing them to circulate throughout the air your family breathes.

The solution to this problem is a professional carpet cleaning. Special cleansing solutions are required to eliminate bacteria and to prevent irritants from being released into the air. Once the cleaning solution has done its work, a powerful vacuum suction is used to remove all traces of dirt, irritants, cleaning solution and water. Most domestic vacuum cleaners are no match for the professional-strength machines used by professionals.

Dust Mites

These microscopic bugs are too tiny to be seen without magnification and can make allergy sufferers miserable when the feces and body fragments are inhaled. High temperature water is required to kill dust mites, which can only be had with a professional cleaning.


You may not consider your floors when you think of mold, but carpets are a perfect hiding spot for this potentially dangerous growth. A tiny bit of water, such as what you track in on your shoes on a rainy day, can cause your carpet and the pad underneath to become damp enough to grow mold. Once padding gets wet, it takes days to dry and by then the mold has taken hold.

The more powerful machines available for rent by the day are still not strong enough to properly remove the gallons of water that is used to clean the carpet. Only a professional cleaning can get rid of the moisture to prevent the growth of mold.

All of the dirt, dust mites and mold in your carpet mean that you and your family are constantly coming into contact with dangerous irritants, both in the air and underfoot. Help ensure a clean, healthy home by allowing a professional carpet cleaning service, such as Superior Carpet & Upholstery Cleaning Inc, to come in and do the job quickly and efficiently. Breathe easy and rest assured that you have done all you can do to provide a clean environment for your family.