Keep Your House Neat And Clean With A Designated Cleaning Day

3 August 2015
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Did you somehow miss spring cleaning? No problem! Summer days are also a good time to get your house looking great. Here are some ideas that may inspire you to do the job thoroughly.

Before You Begin - Consider starting your project with a family meeting. 

  • As you meet as a family, think about asking the kids to reserve a certain amount of time on clean-up day, especially if you have teenagers. By planning early, calendars can be cleared and nobody will have an excuse to bow out.
  • Consider asking each family member to be in charge of their own belongings, whether they are in bedrooms, in the family room or anywhere else. Whatever isn't wanted or used anymore can be given to charity or sold at a yard sale. Remember that it's ok to bribe kids with the promise of a reward when their task is completed.
  • It might be fun to work in teams. For instance, younger kids can do a yard clean up while teenagers work in the garage.
  • Think about posting designated areas for items that will be sold, items that will be taken to a charity, and other items that need to be placed in storage. In addition, consider putting a person in charge of collecting what has been set apart.

Project Day - Consider starting early in the morning so you'll be finished early enough to treat the family to a special out

  • Think about creating a large chart on poster board that will include the designation of which family members will be working together and of what their chores are. Be specific. For example, if one team is supposed to be cleaning kitchen cabinets that have brass knobs, indicate that they are supposed to be cleaned, too, and make sure that there is brass cleaner available.
  • Refer to your chart so that you can send teams to their designated location of work. Perhaps you could add some fun to the day by offering rewards for the first team to finish. However, let them know you'll be checking for good work!
  • Be realistic, though. If the house needs added attention, consider getting professionals, such as ALPS Professional Services, to come in after you have organized things. The workers will be trained to do detail work. Among other services, brass door knobs will be shined, windows will be cleaned, carpets will be shampooed, tile and tile grout will be power washed and wall marks will be erased.
  • When the job is complete, you may consider having the cleaners come in on a regular basis. Professional cleaning is worth every penny you'll spend on it!

Think about evaluating the day when it is over so that you can make note of the things that worked well for you so that you can make changes for your next cleaning day.