The Many Things Hiding In Your Carpet That Can Cause You Harm

25 July 2015
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When you have a sudden fit of sneezing, you probably never think that it's due to your carpet. This is especially true if you vacuum regularly. But vacuuming isn't enough to remove some of the things that are hiding in your carpet.

What's Hiding In Your Carpet?

To understand what's hiding in your carpet, just consider some of the things that your carpet is constantly exposed to. Here are a few things that get into your carpet just from normal day-to-day activities.

Skin cells – People shed naturally. In addition, things like combing your hair, scratching, or clipping your fingernails can release cells that become trapped in your carpet.

Dirt – People bring dirt with them wherever they go. Dirt, dust, and soil is on the bottom of shoes, at the hem of pants, and falling off jackets, and is generally just unavoidable.

Pet hair and dander – Even if you own a hairless pet, it will still shed skin cells just as humans do.

Smoke and odors – Whenever you cook, smoke, or do anything that can produce a smell, a lot of it becomes trapped in the carpet. Over time, your carpet will take on those smells until it smells like that odor.

Food – When you drop food, even if you clean it up right away, it can still leave behind small traces. If those small particles get deep into the carpet, or entangled in the carpet fibers, vacuuming won't pick them up.

Liquids – Spilling liquids is a lot like dropping food, only worse. Liquids soak into the carpet and can even leak below the carpet as well. That means that even if you do a deep carpet cleansing there's still a chance the liquid will remain as a part of the carpet.

Many of these things remain in your carpet despite your best efforts. And because they're in your carpet, they attract things you don't want in your carpet. This can include,

  • Bugs (such as mites, fleas, and larger ones as well)
  • Bacteria (and microscopic creatures that eat bacteria)
  • Mildew and mold (especially on parts of the carpet that see more moisture than the rest)
  • Pathogens (such as norovirus)

These are the kinds of things that can cause mild to severe allergic reactions. These are also the things that can cause you serious illnesses from stomach flu to outright disease.

Seek a Professional Carpet Cleaning Service

Yes, vacuuming does help, and so does regular carpet cleaning with appropriate products. You should do everything in your power to keep your carpet clean and free of contaminants. But you should also realize that regular cleaning isn't always enough to keep these contaminants at bay.

The best method for getting rid of those contaminants is with a professional deep carpet cleaning. And while having your carpets cleaned by a professional is a good idea, it's not something that you have to do all the time. Talk with a place like Beatty's Carpet Cleaners for more information on how often you need deep cleaning for your home. Once every other year will probably do, unless you have a lot of traffic or you have pets. Also, you should consider more frequent cleanings if you or someone in your home experiences sudden sickness or starts to have allergy attacks. If the carpet cleanings aren't helping, you can improve allergies by changing your HVAC filters more frequently.