Answering A Couple Of Common Questions About Carpet Damages And Repairs

9 July 2015
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Carpet is an extremely common flooring option that many people use in their homes, and while it can substantially improve the comfort of your house, it can also suffer numerous forms of damage. Unfortunately, many homeowners have a limited understanding about how carpet is repaired, and this may cause them to make the mistake of delaying repairs. Luckily, after you learn about the following couple of questions and their answers, you should find that you are better prepared to have common carpet damages addressed when they arise. 

Why Does The Carpet Have Air Bubbles In It?

A common problem that carpet can encounter is the development of air bubbles in it. These are often areas of loose carpet that will gradually expand until they are addressed. There can be a number of causes for this problem, but one of the more common is due to water damage. 

If water is seeping from your floorboards into the carpet, it will gradually weaken the adhesive that holds it in place, which will to the formation of these pockets. As a result, you should have the area under the loose carpet inspected for water damage. When water damage is confirmed, you will need to have the underlying cause of the damage repaired before having the carpet repaired or else the same issue will return soon after the repair is completed.  

Will A Patch Match The Rest Of The Carpet?

There may be times when a small area of your carpet will suffer permanent damage. Whether it is from pet damage, burns or stains, these damaged areas can become major eyesores. Fortunately, it is possible for these issues to be repaired, but if you have never had carpet patched, you may be concerned that the patched area will look different. 

Luckily, it may be possible for your contractor to take steps to help ensure that the patched area is not readily distinguishable from the rest of your floors. If the carpet around the damaged area is in good condition, it may be possible to use a patch that is the same color as the surrounding carpet. However, when the damage is to relatively worn carpet, this may not be possible. When the carpet has suffered extensive wear or discoloration, the best option may be to replace the all the carpet in the room where the damage is located.

When your home's carpet has suffered damage, it is important for you to have it addressed as quickly as possible. This will help to minimize the damage, which can keep repair costs low. However, if you are unsure of the threats posed by carpet bubbles or you assume your carpet will always have to be replaced, you may delay having these repairs made. After learning these answers to common concerns about carpet repairs, you will be better able to keep your home's interior looking its best for years to come. Contact a company like Atlantic Carpet Care for more information.