Three Key Advantages Stone Resurfacing Has Over Brand-New Concrete

30 June 2015
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Different grades of concrete weather at different rates. The cheaper the concrete, the faster the rain, snow and ice cause the concrete to chip, fracture and break a part. When it gets so bad that you have to regularly sweep your sidewalks and walkways to remove the bits and chips of concrete from your path, you know you have to do something. Completely replacing concrete is too expensive, so you might want to consider stone resurfacing. There are three key advantages stone resurfacing has over brand-new concrete.

Installation Time

If you were to replace your concrete completely, it would take several days to break up and remove the current slabs, level out the gravel and dirt layers below, and pour and level fresh concrete. Instead, stone resurfacing utilizes pebble epoxies that help fill in the holes and seal the slabs entirely. The job usually takes a day to complete, and you do not have to wait weeks for the concrete to cure because the pebble epoxy is ready to walk on the next day. That is a huge advantage over new concrete, which you cannot walk on for several days and cannot drive on for several more days after that.

Very Little Mess

With new concrete, the construction crew is walking through your yard, driving machinery around in your yard, creating dust and flying debris and hauling chunks of old concrete away in dump trucks, all while tiny pieces of it fall out of the back of the dump truck. It is an incredible mess, but stone resurfacing does not require any large, heavy duty equipment, nor does it require a construction crew of a half dozen sweaty workers on your lawn. A team of two or three people can perform the resurfacing, and they clean up after themselves, leaving no trace of work materials behind them.

Stability Against Freezing, Thawing and De-icing Chemicals

Once your driveway, walkways and/or sidewalks are resurfaced, they hold up against freezing and thawing because they are porous. The precipitation flows off of the surfaces and into the grass nearby. Water cannot even puddle on the top, so you will never have to worry about thick patches of ice. Additionally, if your neighbor accidentally tosses salt onto your stone-resurfaced areas, they will not pit or chip like new concrete would. If the surfaces get dirty, you do not have to hire special cleaning services--a hose with a spray nozzle it all you need.

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