Enjoying Crystal-Clear Window Panes

30 June 2015
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Most people do not enjoy undertaking the task of cleaning every window in their home, so hiring a cleaning service is a good method in getting the job done correctly. However, if you decide to tackle cleaning your home's windows on your own, there are a few steps you can take to make sure the result is one that is free of smudges and streaks.

Start With Rinsing

Use a power washer to thoroughly rinse every exterior window pane on your home. This will help remove any spider webs and dirt buildup before you start scrubbing panes with a cleaning solution. It will also allow you to use less elbow grease and will save you on the cost of cleaning supplies. Wash your home starting with the top-tier of windows and work your way down for the cleanest outcome.

Use The Right Water

When cleaning windows, the water you use makes a difference in the shine you obtain when you are done with the job. If you have hard water within your home, your windows will be prone to unsightly hard water deposits. Consider purchasing distilled water to use when you cleanse your window panes. This water is free from minerals that can cause streaking after the window has dried.

Pick The Best Solution

While household glass cleaners will do the job in removing dirt buildup, they are more dangerous for the environment. Vinegar is a natural alternative that will leave your windows looking clear without harming the earth in the process. Make a solution of equal parts of water and vinegar and place inside a spray bottle. Use this solution on your windows both inside and out for a smear-free shine. If you do not particularly care for the scent of vinegar, add a few drops of a fragrant essential oil to dull the odor when cleaning interiors of windows where there is less ventilation.

Select Easy-To-Use Tools

When washing exterior windows, you will need to balance yourself on a ladder. It is easiest to spray down a window, loop your spray bottle from your belt, and grab a squeegee to remove the solution. Keep a clean piece of cloth handy to help dry any dribbled cleaning solution from the bottom corners of the windows after using your squeegee.

Inside the home, you can opt to clean the windows with a clean piece of microfiber cloth if desired. Simply spray the interior pane and wipe down in a back and forth motion starting from the top of the window and working your way down. A squeegee can be used inside as well, if you prefer.

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