4 Things to Always Point Out to Your Dry Cleaner before Dropping Off Your Clothes

30 June 2015
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If you're just dropping your clothes off at the dry cleaner, not saying a word, and then picking them up a couple of days later, then you're missing out on some awesome additional services that your dry cleaner may offer. You're also possibly missing out on the chance to get your clothes as absolutely clean as possible. To ensure that you get the most out of your dry cleaning experience, always point these things out to your dry cleaner before leaving your clothes:

"There's a sticky patch or stain here."

Your dry cleaner should look over each piece and pretreat each stain before washing. However, stains and stickiness in nonobvious areas, such as inside pockets and under collars, might be easy to miss if your dry cleaner is in a hurry. Point these out so they don't get overlooked.

"This item is missing a button."

Many dry cleaners will sew buttons back on. If you don't still have the button, they may even be able to sort through a collection they have on hand and find one that matches. Point out a missing button to the dry cleaner, and chances are good that he or she will offer to sew it back on either for a small fee or for free.

"There's a lot of pet hair on this piece; could you address it?"

If you live with a dog or cat, chances are good that your apparel ends up rather furry. If this is the case with a piece you're bringing in for cleaning, point it out to the dry cleaner. Many cleaners can use electrostatic methods or suction devices to make sure the hair gets "sucked" off of the clothing, or they may simply "wash" the piece twice to ensure the hair is removed.

"This item is becoming worn and needs to be treated carefully."

If you have an item that is beginning to show wear, but that you want to keep in as good a condition as possible, point this out to the dry cleaner. Instead of "washing" it in a big batch with other clothes, he or she may be able to clean it separately to reduce the wear that occurs during the dry cleaning process. The dry cleaner may also be more careful about using stain removers or other cleaners on material that's becoming worn.

Overall, don't be afraid to talk to your dry cleaner if you have concerns about how a piece will be cleaned or handled. Most shops offer more options and services than their customers are aware of. If you're looking for a dry cleaner in the Sarasota, Florida area, consider Cove Cleaners.