3 Particular Items That You Should Definitely Take To The Dry Cleaners For Cleaning

29 June 2015
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Dry cleaners are awesome because they are able to clean items that you otherwise wouldn't be able to clean at home. There are certain items that you should definitely take into the dry cleaners for cleaning, and this article will discuss 3 of them.

King Size Blankets

Because king size blankets are so large, it is very difficult to try and squeeze them inside of a regular size washing machine. Also, some blankets are delicate and can be ruined in a regular washing machine. The batting inside of the king size blanket may become clumpy and destroyed, or the material may collect balls of lint all over the place. The dry cleaners will be able to use large washing machines to clean blankets with the use of a cleaning solution instead of water. They will use a gentle enough cycle to not harm the batting or fabric in anyway, and they will be sure to steam the blanket when it is done so it is as good as new. 

Wedding Dress

A great way to preserve your wedding dress after your wedding day is to have it cleaned by the dry cleaners. This cleaning will put it in new condition once again, so you can safely store it for as long as you would like. To initially clean the gown, the dry cleaners will first spot treat all of the stains on your dress. There will likely be a great deal along the bottom hem of your dress, so they will take extra care to remove the dirt and other stains in this area. They will then clean you dress using either a wet cleaning or dry cleaning method, depending on what type pf material your wedding dress if made of. They will then place your wedding dress in a sealed box so it is protected from bugs, weathering, etc. 

Heavily Stained Items

Because all of the items at the dry cleaners can be pre-treated for stains, it is a good idea to take any heavily stained items that you have into the dry cleaners. They will be able to treat the stains multiple times until they are completely gone. They also have access to cleaning solutions that are generally not sold in most stores, which are more potent and better at removing stains. They can restore items to a like new condition, and save items that you thought were ruined forever.