The Advantages Of Using Soft Washing To Clean Your Home's Exterior

2 May 2023
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Part of responsible homeownership involves protecting your home from visible deterioration and rot. You especially may need to clean off the outside of your home a couple of times of year to keep it free from algae, dirt, and other residue.

However, you may want to forgo using any cleaning tactic that could damage your home's siding, peel off the paint, or fail to clean the outside thoroughly. Rather than using power washing, you may find it better to use an option like soft washing to clean your home's exterior.

Effective Fungi Removal

One of the main benefits offered with soft washing is its ability to clean off fungi effectively. When you have algae or fungi like mildew growing on one side of your house, for example, you may want to clean it away thoroughly. You want to remove lingering spores so the fungi cannot grow back and get rid of all visible traces of it.

Soft washing utilizes chemicals that are effective in getting rid of algae and fungal growth entirely. Your home's siding will be free of algae, moss, and fungi without you having to scrub it off by hand.

Gentler Cleaning

Further, soft washing is gentler on the outside of your house and does not carry with it the potential to chip off paint, crack siding, or dent boards and rails. The force from a power blaster can create such damage and leave you to make time-consuming and potentially costly repairs to your home's exterior.

Rather than inflict such damage, you can use soft washing to clean your home. The softer spray of water will avoid creating dents or loosening boards. You can keep your exterior intact and avoid having to make repairs after cleaning the outside of your home.


Finally, you may feel guilty about using dozens or more gallons of water to clean your home's exterior. You want to avoid wasting water and using the large amounts needed for power blasting. You may instead prefer to use soft washing, which typically uses less water and is a more eco-friendly choice for cleaning your home's exterior.

Soft washing can offer you a variety of benefits when you want to clean the outside of your home. This form of cleaning is effective for removing fungi that may grow on the side of your home's boards or siding. It is also gentler and uses less water. 

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