Five Negative Effects Of Not Cleaning Offices

12 November 2019
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You are in charge of a small office and the employees that work there. You've been noticing that it has recently become quite dirty. You are trying to decide whether or not you should hire an office janitorial company to come in and clean at regular intervals throughout the week. It is abundantly clear that you and your employees don't have the time or tools to properly clean the office on your own. At first, it was hard to see why keeping a clean office was that important. However, you did eventually come to your senses and realize that janitorial services are necessary. Here are five negative effects of choosing not to get your offices cleaned regularly:

1.Insects and Rodents 

If you allow the office to become too dirty, insects and rodents can start showing up and creating major problems. Rodents will chew threw important things and leave urine and excrement behind. This can lead to health problems in humans. Insects can be very hard to get rid of without professional help, and they can create their own damage as well. If you end up needing to hire a pest control company, it will have been money that you didn't need spend. It is much wiser to simply hire an office janitorial company to do regular cleanings before things get out of control.  

2. Smells

If the office doesn't get cleaned regularly, you and your employees might start noticing some strange odors. Bad smells can be a major nuisance and distraction that hurts productivity. Scented sprays will only mask the smells, but they must be eliminated at their source through regular thorough cleanings.  

3. Sickness

The services that janitors offer don't only make your office look nicer, they can also have health benefits. A dirty office can become a breeding ground for bacteria that can get your employees sick. Sick employees equals absences, which means financial losses for your company.  

4. Additional Messes

You think the office is dirty now, but it will get a lot worse if you don't do anything about it. When people see that a place is already dirty, they stop seeing a need to pick up after themselves. Why should they if it's already so filthy? 

5. Unmotivated Employees

Perhaps the worst result of not cleaning your office is the loss of motivation in your employees. If the company doesn't even care enough to keep things clean, why should employees try hard on their work?